Lorella Tafuro:
The Sopranos with the Voice of the Sun!

   Purple color, extraordinary voice. Warm voice and passionate as his personality, characterized by an intense and full of Mediterranean, Lorella Tafuro, for these specific features of voice and interpretation, was recognized as a soprano with "the voice of the sun."

   It 's a great Tosca for his extraordinary ability to get into character, by serving the beautiful voice. It 's a formal standard, temperament and softly yielding while meeting all the canons of pure melodrama Bellini.
   Sing... but talk! Yes! Because singing and speech, interpretation, and sound!

   Puccini would have certainly used for his works full of pathos and passion, and Verdi to embody the vehemence Heartbreaking un'Aida but rebellious slave, but of even very young but extremely feminine Desdemona, Leonora in Trovatore and or strength of destiny ..
   His is a voice that sticks to the audience seats, which enchants, pervades and hot!

   Warms the soul with emotions and thrilling.
   The technique is that of the old school song, the one for which the great Tito Schipa used to say that "We must sing the same way of speaking."

   Lorella Tafuro has great skills perfectly embodying the character in which it falls with great skill and special interpretative skills.
   The border between the artist and the character is so nuanced it to give, to those who see and hear, that extraordinary feeling of being immersed in the reality of that character and that everything is not fiction but the truth, not the scene but a page of life.

   He debuted in 2009 with Tosca, and Aida will be standard and then in Russia and Holland.
   His brilliant career galloping towards quell'Olimpo that sees opera actor whose looks with deep passion, exceptional talent and tenacity.

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